Stagewright - Entertainment Production Systems



Greek Amphitheater @ Civic Center Park

We use professional quality equipment built for rugged duty and ease of operation.  Our systems consist of more than just a collection of off the shelf equipment.  Much of our equipment has been built to order or customized to meet our specific needs, thus allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently.   

Our first staging system started with a client’s need for a sprung dance floor.  Careful design and fabrication of a substructure have allowed us to successfully incorporate the sprung floor into a rock solid modular stage.

Adaptability has always been key to our lighting systems.  Whether the facility is supplied with 1Ø or 3Ø electrical service, our dimmers can adapt with the flip of a switch.  Our dimmers will also accommodate both 6 and 8 circuit distribution systems.  The 8 circuit light beams in our 10’ PRT help reduce cables, hardware and labor needed for set up and strike.

All of our systems are packaged to fit the needs of each production.